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Clutch Masters has introduced their new FX-series performance clutch kits and flywheel for the 2015+ Subaru WRX with the 2 0L engine and 6 speed transmission The new 2015+ WRX FX-series kits feature a High Leverage pressure plate performance disc Release bearing with clutch fork and alignment tool Clutch Flywheel Clutch Kit Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Assembly Our RPS Carbon Carbon Performance Clutch Kits or our complete line of ACT Performance Clutch Kits Choose Vehicle Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Assembly Brand: LuK SKU: CRS009 Category:

Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel

Clutch Masters introduces the Light Weight Aluminum Flywheel for the for the 2012+ Fiat 500 Abarth Looking for faster throttle response without compromising any bottom end torque? This flywheel weighs 8 lbs less then the Dual Mass OEM flywheel Instead of having a Dual mass flywheel it is now a single mass which also helps shave weight and rotational mass allowing

Clutch Masters is the authority on performance clutch and flywheel innovation With decades of experience in all forms of motorsport including drag racing and drifting Clutch Masters has the expertise to design and develop BMW clutch and flywheel upgrades that are overbuilt for their intended use

Clutch Masters Clutch for the Nissan Juke offers ecepctional holding capacity for heavily upgraded or mildly modified vehicles With multiple options varying from the basic FX100 to the tough FX400 Clutch Masters is guaranteed to have a clutch

Depending on the application the majority of Clutch Masters flywheels are made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum 1045 or 4140 Billet Steel Clutch Masters Flywheels are SFI Certified meeting performance standards for the automotive and motorsport industry ♦ Benefits of a Clutch Masters Light Weight flywheel:

Clutch Masters has introduced their new FX-series performance clutch kits and flywheel for the 2015+ Subaru WRX with the 2 0L engine and 6 speed transmission The new 2015+ WRX FX-series kits feature a High Leverage pressure plate performance disc Release bearing with clutch fork and alignment tool

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Since 1994 Advanced Clutch Technology has specialized in delivering the highest performing driveline components for the automotive industry Through outstanding customer service product quality and reliability ACT has earned a reputation as an industry leader

High performance vehicles and those with modified engines can put a lot stress on a stock drivetrain and most of the time the factory components won't cut the mustard for very long without failing A performance Clutch Masters clutch will not only last it will improve shifting and put more power to the ground where it matters most

CLUTCH SYSTEM PRODUCTS We offer over 1 100 clutch kits to service over 40 000 applications in North America Each Clutch kit likewise is co-engineered along with the clutch hydraulic master and slave cylinder as well as the flywheel necessary for your entire clutch

2016+ Civic 1 5T Aluminum Flywheel by Clutch Masters Clutch Masters Flywheels are designed and tested to ensure the safety and quality of every flywheel Years of RD has given us the knowledge and firsthand experience to choose wisely the best material to manufacture flywheels that will surpass your expectations

Feb 22 2014Clutch Masters FX100-FX400 Clutch Kits ON SALE! R/T Tuning: Drivetrain/Engine: 5: 05-22-2013 09:36 AM: Clutch Masters Clutch Sale! - GET A GREAT DEAL! Marti: Drivetrain/Engine: 13: 04-08-2013 02:05 PM [FOR SALE] Clutch Masters ** almost new Clutch: jnaut: Parts for sale (Private Classifieds) 3: 11-04-2011 10:42 PM: JWT ClutchFlywheel

Sep 11 2007IMHO Clutch Masters is a mainstream company even if they're not widely heard about in the DSM world I would highly recommend them I just don't trust ACT I have heard one-too-many stories about them so I will never deal with them Clutch Masters offers a range of clutches from Stage zero to Stage five

Sep 02 2011I still have the stock flywheel but with the stage 4 clutch masters 4 puk and it chatters too This is a completely normal sound you're hearing for this car Some say he disappears months at a time and when he comes back a new record for driving to and from a taco truck has been set all we know is he's called el_stig [email protected]

Chevrolet Performance's comprehensive range of clutch kits and related components support high-performance engines with factory-matched or increased torque capacity ratings With proven durability Chevrolet Performance clutch kits are engineered to deliver maximum reliability for your street or strip vehicle

Clutch Masters FX100 Clutch/Steel Flywheel Kit

The Clutch Masters FX100 performance clutch for the E46 M3 has all of the benefits of a stock clutch with a little extra grabbing power to handle your upgrades The FX100 uses organic clutch materials with Clutch Master's advanced pressure plate to give up to 70% more holding capacity with only a small increase in pedal pressure over stock

Clutch Masters is a foremost manufacturer of high performance clutch kits and flywheels for racers and daily drivers who have high-octane gasoline running through their veins Since 1976 the company has supplied them with best-in-class products which combine optimum clamping force with the finest friction materials to provide ultimate performance in virtually any severe

Clutch Masters Brand Clutch Masters Item Weight 27 pounds Item model number 03CM2-HDFF-AK Manufacturer Part Number 03CM2-HDFF-AK OEM Part Number 03CM2-HDFF-AK Cover Included BMW M3 2001 - 2005 03CM2-HDFF-AK Single Disc Clutch and Flywheel Kit With Heavy duty pressure plate Sprung hub Fiber Friction lined disc Aluminum flywheel

The FX725 Twin Disc is the ultimate in twin-disc performance clutch kits for engines/transmissions with smaller bell-housings that are focused on road racing drag racing or have very high horsepower street cars The Clutch Masters FX725 Twin Disc clutch kit has been developed from decades of experience in clutch

Clutch Masters is the most advanced BMW clutch upgrade on the market - offering more clutch options and design innovation than any other brand A aluminum flywheel is included with this package The pressure plate in the FX250 is the key to its impressive performance

Stage 3 Holds up to 380hp(will do for 95% of you hard drivers and power adder guys) FX300 (Stage III) Heavy-duty street racing system Holding capacity 110% over stock Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate Hi-Leverage pressure ring design Sprung hub/cushioned disc Steel backed Segmented Carbon/Kevlar Comes with throw out bearing Stage 4 (4-puck or 6-puck

Upgrade your ride's performance with Clutch Masters Clutch Kits from K Series Parts online See if you qualify for free shipping as well! Clutch Masters 16-19 Civic 1 5L FX400 Rigid 6 Puck Clutch Kit $550 00 $495 00 Clutch Masters 04-06 TL Aluminum Flywheel $615 00 $553 50 Vehicle Specific