ion implantation of silicon nitride ball bearings

2016-1-1(4)Grind-polishing silicon wafer polishing Typical tool: Micro-drilling L-4 8 mm W-1 8 H-1 7 Desktop Fabrication System for producing micro ball bearings 3 1 2 Micro-electric-discharge Manufacture mEDM Using the pulse - discharge generating high-temperature in Although high speed bearings corrosion problem does not seem to be directly involved but there are quite a few high-speed bearings proportion of corrosion due to material failure in the face of such problems we can use corrosion-resistant alloys chromium ion implantation M50 steel and silicon nitride ceramics and other materials for

Silicon Nitride Spinal Implants

Silicon nitride—A ceramic surgical implant material SINTX Technologies is focused on medical-grade silicon nitride When used to make spinal fusion implants silicon nitride has the flexibility of a dense porous or combined architecture that can mimic the cortical-cancellous structure of bone 1 2 Silicon nitride is biocompatible bioactive and has shown bacterial resistance and superb

2020-2-14Cryogenic bearings are used in the NASA space shuttle and Ariane rocket engines to pump liquid hydrogen fuel The bearing raceways are made of steel the rolling elements from silicon nitride and the cage is made of PTFE impregnated glass fabric the PTFE also provides some dry lubricant between the rolling elements and raceway

Abstract: One of the most applications of HIPSN(Hot-Isocratic Pressed Silicon Nitride) ceramic ball bearings is applied to the high-speed spindle of numerical control machine tools and high-speed precise mechanics However it is very difficult to process the HIPSN ceramic ball bearing

Description: lubrication and maintenance free and are ideal in extreme high or low temperatures Ceramic materials available are Zirconia (ZrO2) Silicon Nitride (SisN4) and Silicon Carbide (SIC) These bearings are available with the following ball retainers: PTFE PA66 PEEK or Stainless Bearing Type: Radial Ball

2012-11-15Bearings for LCD semiconductor and hard disk production machinery (clean conditions air-vacuum) Bearings for sputtering CVD ion implantation and other devices used in semiconductor manufacturing must not only function in high vacuums high temperatures and clean conditions but are frequently exposed to atmospheric air

Tribology research in the world

90 Current Research in Tribology in North America: Research projects by title for cities from A to 0 Tribology Research in the World In the past two years or so Leaf Coppin has carried out the most comprehensive survey of tribology projects ever undertaken Over 13 000 research and education organisations have been surveyed

Effects of N+ ion implantation into cubic BN film for tribological usages MICROTRIBOLOGY EVALUATION OF CARBONACEOUS FILMS BY FTIR AND SPM November 1993 Optical properties of cubic boron nitride films made by a reactive ion plating method Thin Solid Films Small-Angle Oscillatory Performance of Solid-Lubricant Film-Coated Ball Bearings

Together titanium and silicon (TiSi) make an outstanding team for nitride hard material coatings Silicon guarantees excellent resistance to oxidation while the presence of titanium ensures particularly hard coatings When combined the two elements are wear resistant even at very high temperatures

The articulation performance of silicon nitride against conventional and highly cross-linked polyethylene as well as for self-mated silicon nitride bearings was examined in a series of standard hip simulation studies Wear rates for polyethylene liners against silicon nitride femoral heads were consistent with reported literature although higher than cobalt chromium controls

2011-5-15iThis report explores the use of ion implantation techniques to form solid lubricating surfaces on all ceramic (silicon nitride) and hybrid ball bearings Techniques were developed to implant and/or coat silicon nitride and 52100 bearing steel with MoSrl Boron and Tin ion beams

This paper presented a study of friction and wear on 9Cr18Mo when rubbed against other materials (steel-304 steel-440C steel-GCr15 or silicon nitride ceramic ball) at high temperature conditions Friction and wear tests were carried out with universal a friction and wear testing machine

2014-11-5ods (selective nitriding ion implantation and ion beam mixing) are based solely on composi-tional modification Factors affecting the choice of these surface-hardening methods are dis-cussed in the section "Process Selection" in this article Diffusion Methods of Surface Hardening As previously mentioned surface hardening

2020-2-14Cryogenic bearings are used in the NASA space shuttle and Ariane rocket engines to pump liquid hydrogen fuel The bearing raceways are made of steel the rolling elements from silicon nitride and the cage is made of PTFE impregnated glass fabric the PTFE also provides some dry lubricant between the rolling elements and raceway

Effects of surface coating on reducing friction and

2014-1-7Fox et al deposited graphite-like coating with a low friction high hardness high load capacity and exceptionally low wear on silicon using a magnetron sputter ion plating system Three carbon targets and one chromium target were used to produce chromium carbide (CrC)–C multi-layer coating with a thickness of 2 5 μ m and the deposition

2019-11-13Ceramic bearings were first employed as alternatives to polyethylene (PE) bearings in total joint arthroplasty about a decade after Sir John Charnley introduced the first durable total hip arthroplasty (THA) with a metal-PE articulation Charnley's approach was based on a metal stem bonded to bone with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and an acetabular component made of ultrahigh-molecular

2004-1-1Before implantation the specimens were cleaned with acetone in an ultrasonic bath Boron nitrogen silicon or titanium ions were implanted into the mirror finished surfaces of the earlier-described silicon nitride ceramics with a fluence of 210 17 ions/cm 2 at an energy of 200 keV The ion implantation was carried out using a Freeman-type 400 keV ion implanter at the Ion Engineering Center

Thrust ball bearings also known as thrust bearings consist of a row of steel balls (with cage) a shaft ring (tightly fitted with the shaft) and a race (with a clearance from the shaft and tightly fitted with the housing bore) Steel ball is rotating between the shaft ring and the race It can only withstand axial loads in one direction and ca

Ion Beam Processing for Surface Modification Ion Beam Processing for Surface Modification Hirvonen J K 1989-08-01 00:00:00 Since the mid-1970s the use of ion implantation and other ion beam processes to modify the surface sensitive properties of nonsemiconductors mainly metals has grown very rapidly in a number of diverse areas in the international RD community and more slowly but steadily

The stated purpose of the program was to assess the 3effect of ion implantation on the rolling contact performance of engineering silicon nitride bearings to determine by post-test analyses of the bearings the reasons for improved or reduced performance and the mechanisms of failure if applicable and to relate the overall results to basic

Durable MOS 2 coatings applied to silicon nitride ball bearings by PVD processes maintain friction coefficients of 0 1 for over 100 000 cycles in vacuum figure 1 In this application the hard nitride substrate gives excellent load support to the MoS 2 coatings and performance is thus considerably better than similar coatings on bearing steels

2004-2-16Ion implantation Ion implantation device with medium or large current High energy ion silicon nitride ceramics while solid lubricants can be used under the temperature up to only 500 even if the graphite (WS) lead ion plating ball and silver ion plating ball can be used The clean grease or the solid lubricant made of high

2006-10-24section bearings Kaydon is uniquely suited to meet the ever-changing needs of the semiconductor equipment industry By blending technical innovation with cost-effective JIT manufac-turing we supply more than 350 sizes of Reali-Slim bearings from stock—and deliver over 9 000 versions of these base bearings with very short lead times